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The Fast Changing World Of Freelancing And How It Works


#1. is by far the best site that has worked for me. One of the best parts about this website is that unlike your regular fiverr site or clone is that you can decide how much you want for your gig. Even if it’s $1,000, it’s your choice. Also, another great benefit to this site is that you have the choice to trade or swap your services with people at no cost to you! No other gig site allows you to cut out the middle man and let you just swap and trade. So let’s say you have a gig offering twitter followers and another guy has an SEO service. You can swap and trade and it won’t cost you a thing. I’ve personally gained over 300 hits just by surfing the free ( swap/trade ) gigs on jobZweb. A new era has come to the MicroJob industry through jobZweb! This is by far the best site to buy AND sell!! No worrying about whether people are going to back out on you after a week or two — you’re completely protected through paypal!

#2. is a great site to post on, however they will only allow you to post one new gig a day. It’s a fabulous way to earn some extra cash. The price ranges you can choose for your gig are not as wide as jobZweb allows, but nonetheless, I have had a lot of success with this site and can reccommend it to others! All you need to do is write a well written gig and sales should start pouring in if you have good services.

#3. I like this site because they pay immediately and don’t hold your money from you, like fiverr. These sites are all sites that ACTUALLY WORK! You don’t need to worry about whether you’ll actually get paid, because you WILL get paid.
They also have a wide variety of prices you can choose from for your gig. This site does not, however have the traffic that you will get elsewhere.

All of these sites are very professional and you are guaranteed to get paid. One of the most important things to remember in putting a gig up is to offer the best quality customer service available! People do not like buying from people who have a reputation with poor customer service. So it is vital to your business to answer your questions immediatley and provide your customers with a great experience even AFTER they buy. After you deliver your order, contact them again in a week and see how your item is working out for them.



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