The MicroWorker

The Fast Changing World Of Freelancing And How It Works

The World Of Freelancing and Gigs

The change in our world happening around us today is just as

profound as the shift that took place during the industrial

revolution. We are living in a brand new era and on the beginning

of a beautiful dawn. This is better known as the dawn of the

freelance world, as more and more people are finding themselves

working as consultants, contractors, or freelancers. This is an

amazing change and has the power to change the world long-term, for

the better. 50 years ago, not everyone had the ability of the

internet to help them make extra cash or use for a second job.

Today, computers are relatively affordable, or even smartphones,

tablets and more. Today, we also find free WIFI everywhere. This is

a great thing for people who are in desparate need of a job. There

are literally thousands of online freelance jobs out there on the

net for you. All you need to do is find your talent. In essence,

the brand-new era of freelancing will also change the poverty of

other countries and in our own country, provided with an available

internet. More than 25% of all working Americans are, whether they

want to be or not, are in all reality only temorary laborers and

that number will surely rise in the coming years IF they are not

alerted to the new age of freelancing.

Job secuity and 9 – 5 jobs as we know them are fast becoming a

relic of the past. Job firms are now hiring on a project basis more

than ever anywhere and no longer need to invest in large facilities

or workforces.

One of the absolute best kept internet secrets is a site called This is a site built especially for entrepreneurs just

like you! People who are out of work, and have recently been laid

off from their regular jobs can come here and promote their

MicroJob for free and businesses are always looking for the next

best deal! Using your creativity will get you more sales and good

reviews. One of the best things that this site can offer you as a

seller is the ability to put your gigs up for free and they will

not charge you a dime or block your ability to be able to keep your

clients information such as email addresses, and phone numbers. You

can also embed your website inside your gig along with any videos

you may have. They know how important building a business is and

how are you going to keep building your business up if you are

continously blocked from doing so?

Another great not about is that EVERY SINGLE USER

is verified! Unlike other sites, where you’re not always sure who

or what you are dealing with, here you can always be sure that who

you’re dealing with is verified. If you’re gig is not delivered in

time it’s always PayPal protected. Also, if you’re looking for a

place to post your ads to hire someone to help you out with all

those loose ends via net, this is the place to go! A whole section

dedicated especially for those of you who need that! Hope this has

helped you out!


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