The MicroWorker

The Fast Changing World Of Freelancing And How It Works

How Has The World Of The MicroWorker Changed


 The world of freelance has changed a lot within the

last 15 – 20 years. Global economy affects our freelance businesses

day in and day out, whether we realize it or not. Most of us as

freelancers, work hard building our expertise. The freelance

marketplace, fueled by technology, has become a whole lot bigger.

Or maybe the world became a lot smaller, whichever way you choose

to look at it. Yes, we’re in a global economy but many freelancers

are living, and working as though we are not. Years ago,

freelancing businesses were mostly local, dealing with local

clients and competing with other freelancers for the work. Today,

however, you will find that many freelancers are able to work from

the comfort of their own home, making all the money they need from

home. This is the ideal situation for a Mom who wants to be a stay

at home mom, taking care of the kids and cutting down on the

babysitting bill. This is also the perfect thing for the person who

is handicapped. Or the older person who just doesn’t like to be

bothered with driving to work and back every day. The ability to be

able to work at home and make a decent living at being able to do

so has really exploded over the last few years.

There are a

lot of freelance sites out there, yet not all of them are worth the

time and effort you’re willing to put into them. You may not make

ANY money from some, and yet on others you may be the next big

thing. The biggest thing is what are you selling? And how are you

promoting it? A well written gig, will be sure to get you the

amount of sales you’re looking for. Look at other gigs for examples

on what is a well written MicroJob gig and what is not. This, is

easy to tell by the amount of sales they have. Everybody has

something to give, you just need to figure out what you can give!

A great site to begin selling your gigs on is The layout of this site

is different from most of the traditional gig sites, for example

fiverr. This is a refreshing rendition. Within just 2 months, the

site has gotten over 3,000 gigs and built a huge business from

this. Every seller and buyer must be verified and is required to

pay $1 to even post a gig. That is only one of the many benefits to

this site. That way you know who you’re dealing with AND you get

paid directly instead of having to go through a third party! The

site is spam free and scam free. If a gig is not delivered in time,

it is protected through PayPal. Then there is the ability to be

able to use HTML in your gigs and place clickable links inside your

ad. The ability to collect your clients information such as phone

numbers and email addresses is an amazing plus about All other gig sites will

not allow you to do that. The reason they don’t allow you to do so

is so that THEY control your business, and how many customers you

get and how much traffic your gig gets. But the reason you started

working at home was so that you COULD have your own business, so at they allow you to be able to do so without a


I reccommend that you check out jobzweb as soon as

possible, you will find it well worth your time!

Be sure to

check out our blog at


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